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Shijiazhuang Boda Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. is a highly experienced manufacturer of high quality plastic woven packaging products. We provide our valued customers with flexible bulk containers (FIBCs), PP woven bags, BOPP bags, and block bottom valve bags. Our bag products are designed for the transportation and temporary storage of bulk loose particles and powdered materials, such as grain, seeds, chemicals, cement, minerals, fertilizers, and plastics. ag视讯客户端网址 Details

  • ag真人视讯娱乐网址Bag type: can be customized (circular type, square type , baffled type, U-panel type etc.) according to customers' requirements
  • AG 视讯网址Packaging weight: 25kg, 40kg, 50kg (more options are available)
    Materials: PP+PE (assigned by customers)
  • ag视讯厅开户网址Width: 30-120cm
    Weight: 55-120g/m2
    Color: customized
    Printing: 6 color printing on one side